Getting something going for yourself during the dog days of summer can be quite a task. With the scalding heat of the sun it makes you want to stay indoors and stare blankly on your computer or mobile phone. As we kick-off the summer season this April, let Dharla Tria take away some minutes off your idle moment, shedding some of her rays that'll surely will make your time a worthwhile as she is "Your Summer Sunshine".

Dharla or "Dharls" as some of her friends call her is a 19 year old proud Tomasian darling studying B.S Interior Design now on her 3rd year. The aspiring to be the top interior designer has seen potential by a collage event, exhibiting her works some time last year of 2016. Although she dislikes having constant sleepless nights, Dharla is still a passionate Designer who takes pride and gives all her heart in her designs and crafts.

Our Summer Sunshine is a self confessed foodie. She enjoys going around food parks around the metro from fries to rice. but don't be fooled by her monster appetite because she still stays in good shape even after munching down loads of Buffalo Wings! (talk about one thing every girls dream of having.)" To keep myself healthy and in shape, I make sure I get enough sleep, I consume enough serving of fruits and veggies, and make myself hydrated by drinking water everyday!".

No one wants to fail people  who  believes in us, as well for our darling as it is her greatest fear. Even with the tremendous pressure of being a college student, Dharla remains a dreamer who shoots for the stars, never scared and taking life's challenges head on in full steam.

For Dharla, the best thing about being young is to be able to experience the wonderful things life can offer.  By living life wild and free,  And by having more quality time with her family and friends.

"If I have a beauty secret it is, kilay is life" as she confidently said. No, she doesn't have  to bathe on beauty creams or cover herself up with layers of makeup.  Yes, only her eyebrows is the game changer. It may seem for us girls to rely on beauty products and photo filters these days, but no, cross out Dharla from the list because she believes that true beauty is only skin deep. all it takes for her to look good is her brows and a nice combination of tops and  bottoms from Crissa.

"For me, Crissa is comfortably fun, fashionable & carefree, illustrating the beauty of young girls" A fun-loving, free-spirited young woman with dreams of reaching the stars is a perfect way to describe Dharla. And with that character, it also resonates in her fashion style as a "Boho-Chic". And what a perfect match with Crissa's wide range of styles from its trend-right tops to its perfect-fitting- denims. Dharla can skip and strut under the sun with style, never holding her back to live to the fullest as she is our Summer Sunshine this April.